Role: Development of several strategic applications: new way of marketing ink to consumers,reward program,store,etc.

Technology: Javascript,PHP,Python.

Role: Participation to the development of the e-health platform.

Technology: Java,Scala,Javascript,Selenium,TestNG,WEBdriver,Maven.

Role: Management of some WEB properties.

Technology: Teamsite,Javascript.

Role: Development of a mobile communication platform that enables the users to engage in social networking on twitter and Facebook using a combination of text, voice, and video.

Technology: IOS,Android,Javascript.

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Role: A series of mobile applications for women well-being.

Technology: IOS,Javascript.

Role: A geo-localized WEB portal enabling users to share their experience with their apartments/homes rentals.

Technology: PHP,Javascript.

Role: A B2B communication platform, based on video messaging.

Technology: IOS,Android.

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Role: A series of mobile applications, including Marin County fair and orientation in the Civic Center.

Technology: IOS(Swift),Android.

Role: Development of .NET components.

Technology: .NET,C#.

Role: Building of a micro-lending WEB property.

Technology: .NET,C#.

Role: Mobile applications.

Technology: IOS,Android.

Role: A series of applications to support DSC’s commercial offer, including an interactive white board, electronic manuals with teacher’s feedback and tests, etc.

Technology: Javascript,PHP.

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