Venus Software International builds nimble engineering teams that deliver the highest-quality service for your IT software development needs. Through its superior Nearshore Development Center (NDC) and Offshore Development Center (ODC) software factories model and vast partner network, Venus Software International offers a full suite of services that fully harness the power of the America’s most advanced engineering talent.

We are highly experienced in numerous technologies relevant to a wide variety of industries. We will tailor a solution that meets your business requirements.

Our specialties Include:

Custom Software Development

We offer full software requirements development, design, testing & implementation. Our team can help you develop any user facing (B2C, B2B, B2B2C) or pure backend application, whether it is simple or very sophisticated and achieve your goals for less money and time with true high quality development, a challenge that requires extreme agility and flexibility, as well as in-depth knowledge of the most advanced development techniques and methodologies. An example includes the web store of one of the top 5 California corporations.

Mobile Application Development

With dozens of complex mobile applications under our belt, we can develop about everything on an iOS or Android platform, from streaming audio and video, preserving performance when high volumes are involved, and even work directly at the Android kernel level to create specialized devices.

An example includes our contribution to the development of a revolutionary Android device for a Korean giant.

Dedicated Software Development Team

If you need to augment your in-house software development organization using an external partner to build your own Dedicated Software Factory (DSF), which is fully integrated with or in place of your in-house team to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We will handle all of the activities that are cumbersome such as: recruitment, setting up the office and handling all of the other activities that come with running a business in a foreign country.

Quality Assurance

We offer fully fledged manual QA and automation services, which go well beyond unit testing and includes: smoke tests, stress tests, regression tests, performance, security, etc. We are fully equipped to provide the best professional QA solution; talented engineers trained in the latest QA techniques, the right software products (Jira, etc.), hardware platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix), and the right equipment to test (mobile phones, computers and tablets). Our QA team works hand-in-hand with our developers, the product manager / product owner, and Scrum Master to ensure that the end product meets the requirements contained in the user stories. We master the major automation tools (Selemium, TestNG, WEBdriver, Maven, etc.).

An American Company

We are a California C-corp, which manages projects from the USA, from legal, business, financial and technical perspectives.


Working with a traditional provider would force you to only use their available resources, even though they might not be the best ones for your project. We work with a variety of accredited partners, so we always select the best talents for your projects.

Project management

Project managers and SCRUM masters assigned by Venus are all senior (over 10 years of project management experience), and located in the USA. We supplement the use of Agile methodologies by modern communication tools (WEB conferencing, wikis, etc.) and project management solutions (Jira, RallyDev, etc.).


We are in contact with our customers, all the time. Even when development teams are located outside the USA, your contact points will be in the USA, so no time difference (well, we are on the West Coast), no language barrier and no cultural misunderstandings.


We are experts in Agile development methodologies. We generally use SCRUM, a proven method that facilitates the communication between end-users and developers, enables them to test ideas, and reduces risks of failure.


We have developed a whole set of security policies aimed at guarantying total confidentiality and Intellectual Property protection. Some of the companies known for having the most stringent confidentiality and intellectual property protection rules in the world are among our customers.

Development & QA

Our commitment goes beyond development. We have created a full QA methodology that accompanies the project from inception to final delivery.


Our price/quality ratio is unbeatable, thanks to (i) our mix between inshore, nearshore and offshore resources, and (ii) our very lean overhead.


Because all of the above, we can commit to delivering your applications within a predefined time frame and price.

No surprises.

Our key strength lies in our capacity to rapidly build and manage teams of developers and architects with the right skills for your project. Unlike all outsourcing companies, when a new project starts, we do not use our available on-the-bench resources. We tap instead into our vast reservoir of talents via our vast network of partners to find the best suited profiles, and assemble the best team for your project.

We will not bring in a SHOW STAFF to get you to go with us then execute your project with personnel that does not have near the skillset or experience level required for your project as other companies do. Therefore your project gets exactly the right type of personnel you need from the very beginning.

Our engineers are located in Argentina (mobile platforms, Automation, back-end solutions), Mexico (.NET, WEB solutions, front and back-end solutions, QA), and Uruguay (.NET, WEB solutions, front and back-end solutions). Our project managers, architects and UX designers are all located in the Bay Area.